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澳门新葡澳京威尼斯Scientific research academic
澳门新葡澳京威尼斯Liu Minghua at the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences、 Chen Chuanfeng and Wang Dexian came to our 澳门新葡澳京威尼斯college for academic lectures
2023-03-03 17:31  


       2023 Years 3 month 1 Day, Liu Minghua、 Chen Chuanfeng and Wang Dexian were invited to come to our hospital for academic exchanges。 Lectures are held at the Academic Lecture Hall of Jiheng Sairui Academic Lecture Hall at the School of Chemistry, Tianjin Normal University, Hosted by Professor Li Chunju, 澳门新葡澳京威尼斯Dean of the School of Chemistr澳门新葡澳京威尼斯y, School of Chemistry 150 The remaining teachers and graduate students listened to this lecture。

澳门新葡澳京威尼斯Researcher Liu Minghua with“ Design of Multi-level Second-hand Ultra-Molecular System、 Structural and round glow” as the title, Introduction to the origin of the universe and life body, Ultra-molecular handling of the self-assembly system, 澳门新葡澳京威尼斯Design of super molecular gel and soft nanomaterial、 Self-assembly structure and its application, Hand-deficient and multi-level self-assembly nanomaterials catalysis and related content of luminous performance。 Teacher Liu's explanation in depth, Make teachers and students' opponents and rounds of polarization glowing have a deeper understanding, The belief 澳门新葡澳京威尼斯of scientific research and learning is more firm。

澳门新葡澳京威尼斯Researcher Chen Chuanfeng combined with the work of the research team, Ultra molecular chemistry based on new large-ring aromatics、 Yuanjin Vibration Materials and Device、 Introduction to the content of molecular machines and intelligent materials, Let our teachers and students chemistry for super m澳门新葡澳京威尼斯olecular chemistry、 Molecular recognition and assembly of large-ring chemistry and new type of aromatic hydrocarbons has a more comprehensive and profound understanding。 This important research topic for the synthesis of large-ring aromatics for new functions, Teacher Chen for decades like one day, A trace of meticulous, perseverance, overcome one after anot澳门新葡澳京威尼斯her problem, I have achieved important research results after another, This scientific research spirit deeply inspires teachers and students。


澳门新葡澳京威尼斯Researcher Wang Dexian surrounds the anion Interaction and Occiocated Cross-membrane Transmission Exhibition Lecture seat, From super molecular main objective chemistry、 Molecular recognition and assembly、 Ne澳门新葡澳京威尼斯w non-common price interaction、 Cross-membrane transmission and free radicals and molecular magnetism of the anion brings new ideas for teachers and students and the study of super molecular chemistry and main objective chemistry., More expanded scientific research field, Lecture caused warm discussion of teachers and students。

Liu Minghua, Researcher at the 澳门新葡澳京威尼斯Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences。1986 Graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Nanjing University,1986-1988 Niannanjing University Graduate School,1988 Years10 Monthly National Education Commission's public sent to study in Japan, 1994 I received a doctorate degree at Saitama University in Japan。1994-1998 In the Insti澳门新葡澳京威尼斯tute of Physics and Chemistry, 澳门新葡澳京威尼斯the year、 Tokyo Agricultural and Industry University Carry out post-doctoral research work, 1998 Back to China in the Institute of Photo Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,1999 Starting as a researcher at the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences every year。 Period,2013.6-2018.9 Ren Director of the 澳门新葡澳京威尼斯National Nannan Science Center。

Chen Chuanfeng,1994 Graduated from Nanjing University, Get a doctorate degree。2001 Ning to the present to this day at the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Researcher、 Doctoral supervisor, Deputy Director of Key Laboratory of Molecular Recognition and Functional Institute; Professor Job Professor of Univ澳门新葡澳京威尼斯ersity of Chinese Academy of Sciences。2000 selected as the Chinese Academy of Sciences“ Plan of Hundred People”,2006 Nian won the National Outstanding Youth Fund,2014 I won a special government allowance,2015 I won the Zhu Liyuehua Excellent Teacher Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,2022 I won the Outstanding Mentor Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences。

Wang Dexian,1991 Graduated fro澳门新葡澳京威尼斯m Lanzhou University,1997-2003 I won a master's degree at the Department of Chemistry at Hebei University in the Year、 Doctoral degree。1991-2002 Working in the Medical Department of Hebei University annual, As a teaching assistant、 Lecturers and associate professors。2002-2004 At the Department of Chemical Engineering, 澳门新葡澳京威尼斯Renho University in South Korea(Inha University) Entering po澳门新葡澳京威尼斯stdoctoral research。2004 I worked at the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to this day, The current leader of the project、 Researcher。

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